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Common Questions

Why would I want an iron door as opposed to a non-iron door?

Tournerr doors have a distinctive design and “ feel.” No need to worry about deterioration of the door and jamb over time. Iron doors are more secure than a wood framed door. Iron doors come pre-finished, no need to paint and re-paint.

How does the pivot work? Do you have to drill into the floor or ceiling to install this?

Tournerr doors work by placing the majority of the doors’ weight on a single pivot hinge mounted inside the bottom of the frame ( up to 250KG).

This pivot pin can be moved for fine tuning after installation. The door and jamb are fully assembled, there is no need for additional drilling or modifications to the floor or ceiling.

Besides aesthetics… are there any other reasons I may want an iron pivot door?

People who want a custom home with modern features will want a Tournerr door because of the appearance, the oversized dramatic look, custom pull handles, and ease of operation. This high end feature to your new home is something that everyone who walks through your door will notice and admire.

Can I paint the iron door later? Is there any maintenance required on the door after it is installed (maybe like greasing or oiling something)?

Tournerr doors are delivered pre-finished in black and other than some minor adjustments after install they will be maintenance free for years to come. We do not recommend that you paint the door but there is nothing to say that you can’t with the proper paint and qualified paint specialist.

Are iron doors more fire-resistant than say normal doors? Are they more sound proof?

Tournerr doors have not been tested against fire.  The doors will reduce sound because of the foam filled core and insulated glass, but these are general claims and cannot be supported for this specific product.

Why should I do business with Tournerr?

Tournerr doors are held to very high manufacturing tolerances and options to make the install and use of these doors as simple as possible. With 25 years in the door industry, we understand the needs of the builder, homeowner, and installers.

Tournerr doors solve the French door problem. Traditionally if you want a door wider than 3’ your option is to use a double door (French door where both panels operate ). This can be problematic for a number of reasons including : air infiltration, manual head and sill flush bolts that loosen over time, loss of security since the doors lock together instead of in to a secure jamb.

Likewise if you want a door taller than 6’8” you would add a transom glass or window above the door or a taller door that requires more problematic hinges. Tournerr doors can be 6’ wide and 10’ tall as a single unit providing a large clear opening and fewer linear feet of weatherstripping.

Tournerr doors offer many solutions to your new construction home. These doors are manufactured using 12 gauge iron to have the strength to last VS doors constructed of wood, fiberglass, or aluminum.  The iron door also offers endless design possibilities.

Why would I want an iron pivot door as opposed to just an iron door?

Tournerr doors are specifically designed for “ oversized” entrance ways. 4’ and wider while our standard hinged iron doors are designed for more traditional size openings of 3’.

Are there any security advantages to having an iron door as opposed to a regular door? If so… what are they?

Iron doors are more secure because of the 12 gauge steel door and frame. This frame is anchored into the king studs with 2 1\2” lag bolts.

Are pivot doors easier to open or close?

Since the weight of the door is carried by the pivot instead of typical hinges, it operates with ease as if it is floating in the opening.

Are there any energy efficiency or comfort advantages to having an iron pivot door vs a regular door?

Tournerr doors are foam filled and use LOE glass for energy efficiency and typically perform as well as traditional doors under normal conditions.

What is so special about your iron doors that distinguish them from say a competitor’s iron door?

Tournerr doors are made from heavy-duty 12 gauge steel, foam-filled, adjustable pivot hinge, and beautiful pull handles are included standard.  These are not “one-off” doors like other manufacturers who focus on hundreds of different types\styles of doors. Tournerr doors offer several advantages:

  1. Lower price point. (By choosing one of our in stock doors you can save up to 50% over custom, special order doors.)
  2. In Stock. Tournerr doors are designed, stocked, and priced to be used by custom home builders as well as volume builders.

Are there any gaps between the frame and where the door pivots?

The space between the door slab and frame are applied with insulated weatherstrip on 4 sides.

We make getting iron doors simple. All you need to do is select the size, style, and swing of the door.

We keep a large inventory of pivot doors in stock so that we can quickly and easily fulfill your order(s).

The Fully welded frame and threshold, Polyurethane fill, single deadbolt bore and powder coated black finish make these doors a perfect addition to your new construction project.



12 Gauge Steel

Foam filled Jamb and Door

Adjustable Pivot Hinge

3’ Stainless Steel Pull Handle

Dual Roller Latch

Low-E Insulated Tempered Glass Available

Welded Frame and Sill

Standard Deadbolt Bore

Interior Installation Tabs

Powdercoated Finish

Custom Designs and Colors Available

And so much more…



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