Sliding Glass Walls – A Quick Guide for Homeowners 

If you are searching for a way to increase the space that is available in your home and boost the natural lighting within the structure, you should consider installing sliding glass walls. These are much like sliding glass doors, only much larger and technologically advanced.

These systems will instantly increase the appearance of your home and increase its overall value. Continue reading to learn more and to determine if a sliding glass wall system is right for your home. 

What Is a Sliding Glass Wall?

A sliding glass wall – also referred to as a “moving glass wall system” – is a new form of technology that has completely revolutionized the functionality and appearance of the standard residence.

You may choose windows that go from the ceiling to the floor for a seamless transition or those that have frames – the choice is yours. Unlike sliding glass doors – which are just doors – sliding glass walls are – literally – walls. 

Types of Sliding Glass Walls 

When choosing sliding glass walls, you will find that you may choose from folding doors, sliding doors, framed units, or frameless units. The following provides a bit of information about each:

  1. Folding – This is an accordion-styled sliding glass wall. The wall includes in-swing panels that can be folded away or outswing panels that stand as a solid unit on the exterior of the structure. 
  2. Sliding Doors – These operate much like that of a standard sliding glass door system, but have a larger number of window panels installed. 
  3. Framed – This includes a frame that allows you to see the transition between the ceiling, floor, and panels. 
  4. Frameless – This makes the sliding glass wall system seem completely transparent and as if it meshes in with the ceiling and floor. 

The Benefits 

There are numerous benefits associated with sliding glass wall systems. These include the following:

  1. The systems are highly versatile in both design and overall function
  2. Sliding glass walls make the space within the home appear larger
  3. The moving wall systems add a touch of unique elegance to the home
  4. These systems help increase the natural lighting on the interior of the home and bring the outside to the inside of the structure
  5. Sliding glass walls offer a convenient way for creating a wider opening into the home
  6. Sliding glass walls create a unique entertainment space and focal point in the home
  7. The moving glass wall instantly increases the overall value of the home 

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